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We are pleased to offer you a new take on Spin® Profiles! You may be accustomed to a downloadable PDF bundle of four profiles – yet this month, you gain access to a Spin® Profiles Kit on SpinU with four class profiles; each with detailed cueing tips and playlists, as well as an introductory video from profile creator Spinning® Master Instructor Tami Reilly from Connecticut. In Dancing in the Moonlight, under the moonlight (the blacklights or special lighting of our studios), let’s partner up to practice dancing on the pedals. In Riding the Waves, what better way to build your endurance than to follow the pull of the waves as they ebb and flow over the body? In Alchemy, we will embark on a ride that pushes us to bump up against some hard efforts – Zone 3 and 4 efforts. It is a reminder that for change to happen, you must put in the energy and be willing to sit inside the work. In Sun and Moon, you can test your power with intervals reaching toward the heat of the sun and then let the moon recover and soothe you. *IF YOU ARE A SPIN® MEMBER, LOG INTO YOUR SPINU ACCOUNT AND CLICK ON "MY COURSES" TO ACCESS THE KIT FOR FREE.  

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