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We are pleased to offer you a new take on Spin® Profiles! You may be accustomed to a downloadable PDF bundle of four profiles – yet this month, you gain access to a Spin® Profiles Kit on SpinU with four class profiles; each with detailed cueing tips and playlists, as well as an introductory video from profile creator Spinning® Master Instructor Martha Williams from Canada. STILLNESS & GRACE is a Zone 1 active recovery ride to find stillness and grace on the bike. OME KAYO is a Zone 2 ride that was inspired by the beautiful Cirque du Soleil show Token. In POSTQUAM/THE AFTER, the rider will feel transported from the studio to a road/trail to any and everywhere! BIG CROW is a ride to discover strength and power, tapping into the discomfort to create adaptations. 

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Stillness & Grace
Omé Kayo
Postquam/The After
Big Crow
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